Empowering Students With Their Own Data

Workshop Resources

The Presentation SLIDES

In original Keynote file format (Mac use only)

Converted into Google Slides format (formatting issues involved)

As a PDF (formatting issues involved)

RESOURCES for Supporting Students Metacognition

Good independent work checklist

Peer support interview template

Choosing work questions (completed student example)

Example 1:1 conversation

Some Metacognition and Dunning Kruger ARTICLES AND BLOGS

Stanford ‘Study Hack’ - Jenny Anderson - Quartz news outlet

Getting started with Metacognition - Cambridge International Examinations Team

The Dunning-Kruger Effect and Self-Assessment - Jack Campbell (@NWMaths)

GOOGLE FORM Starter and Map




ONE Stop Docs

(make copies to use as your own templates)

Example Maths IGCSE student ONE Stop Doc (CIE) (template of the latest version)

Example Maths IGCSE ONE Stop Doc class overview sheet (CIE) (template of the latest version)

Example Maths AS-Level student ONE Stop Doc (Edexcel)

Example Maths A2-Level student ONE Stop Doc (Edexcel)

1-9 Revision CHECKLISTS

Higher and Foundation revision checklists from Mr Chadburn (@mrchadburn) in his blog post.


Matt Parker’s Site

Matt Parker’s standup spreadsheet routine (the one I completely ripped off)

My favourite spreadsheet

Spreadsheet SKILLS

Some basic tutorials from the internet on the spreadsheet skills I have used

DIGITAL Test Review Sheets

(make copies to use as your own templates)

Example student test review sheet

Example class overview sheet

An example which includes our new metacognition reflection section