Building Creativity into your Classroom

9th March 2019, #mathsconf18, Bristol

22nd June 2019, #mathsconf19, Sheffield

21st September 2019, #mathsconf20, Edinburgh


PDF of slides (no animations)


All four starters were taken from Puzzle of the Week. You can find them all with their solutions in the puzzle library. The four used in this session were:

  • Puzzle 100: The Lost Timetable Puzzle

  • Puzzle 94: The Giant's Causeway Puzzle

  • Puzzle 77: The Computer Game Puzzle

  • Puzzle 72: The Substitution Cipher Puzzle

Session Tasks

Task 1: Double the Area of the Triangle

Task 2: Gabriel’s Problem

Task 3: Factors and Multiples Game

References and Further Reading

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Other Resources

NRICH Mathematical Habits of Mind

NRICH Curriculum mapping documents

Mathematical Etudes

Puzzle of the Week

Three Act Math

Goal Free Problems