Coming September 2019 is a new podcast by A Sharp Education for secondary mathematics teachers.

Episodes are half an hour in length in the form of a guest interview. All episodes in the first series is on the theme of maths enrichment. The main aim of the podcast is to discuss the various enrichment events and activities available in the UK for secondary students, teachers and schools. In the interviews we cover a broad range of themes surrounding maths enrichment and the curriculum.

Below you can see the list of upcoming guests, many of whom have already been interviewed and recorded.

Dr Simon Singh
Author, journalist, TV producer

Dr James Grime
Mathematician, lecturer, public speaker

Ben Sparks
Freelance maths speaker, AMSP Area Coordinator, University of Bath

Dr Ems Lord
President of the Mathematical Association, Director of NRICH

Rob Eastaway
Author, Director of Maths Inspiration

Rachel Greenalgh
Director of the UKMT, Leeds University

Rachel Dorris
Royal Institution Masterclasses Manager

Craig Barton
Author, Teacher, TES Maths Adviser, Co-Founder of Eedi

Natalie Clark
International maths teacher, maths competition organiser